Yoga for Winter Walking Tension

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It’s been cold, warmer, colder, mild, freezing. We’ve had rain, freezing rain, sleet, hard snow, soft snow.  That means the ground is wet, icy, obstructed, dry,  (did I already say icy?) We watch our feet and anticipate the unexpected. That means our shoulders are hunched, our footing is cautious, our spines are rigid, our necks are stiff.

When we get indoors we are tight and tense and that’s not good! What to do? Easy to say “just relax” but how to do that?! Try these 3 simple moves to get grounded, loosen up those clenched muscles and let the energy flow your body again.  

Neck Tilt - Sit tall with your shoulders down. Tilt your head to the right side. Elongate your neck into the space to your right rather than aiming ear to shoulder. The opposite shoulder and side of the neck will lengthen as well. Hold for 3 breaths. Repeat on the other side.

Yoga mudra – Standing or seated on chair: link fingers behind your back (or, if that is too far to reach, hold opposite wrist or thumb). Squeeze shoulder blades closer together and lift chest. Then forward bend and raise arms behind you just as far as they go – don’t force it.

Child's Pose – From hands and knees push back, moving buttocks towards the heels. Arms stretch out front, back lengthens. Chin drops so back of the neck elongates and forehead comes to the floor.  Ahh!