Hatha Yoga for All

Whether you are new to yoga or ready to develop your practice more deeply this hatha yoga class offers an eclectic variety of flow/vinyasa sequences and traditionally held poses in seated, supine and standing positions, to increase strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. Learning to connect the breath to the movement of the body, whether to increase ‘heat’ in active poses, enhancing ‘cool’ during stretches, or facilitating relaxation results in a full mind, body, breath experience. Modifications are offered to make this class accessible to all.


See the calendar below for current classes or contact me to arrange a private session.


Working with Karen changed my life. I went from barely being able to move because of fibromyalgia to increased strength, balance and stamina. Karen really understands the toll that chronic illness takes and she is an ideal person to work with if you have been reluctant or unable to exercise.
— Sheryl Nestel