Chair Yoga

Yoga is for everyone. Everyone can practice yoga and experience the benefits of comfort and strength in the body, calmness and clarity in the mind, and lightness and joy in the spirit.

Just because it is difficult, inappropriate or impossible to get down onto a mat doesn't mean you can't practice yoga! Sitting in a chair and using it for support allows you to gain all the benefits of yoga with confidence and safety.

Yoga practice starts with the breath and it remains the foundation of all movement. There is no fixed way to ‘do’ yoga. We work from the inside out. From inner awareness comes the outer expression of form, which varies according to physical limitation and ability.

Chair Yoga is a complete yoga practice. Through breathing (pranayama), poses (asana), movement flow (vinyasa) and relaxation we reduce tension in the body and open the pathways to improved mobility, better circulation to the muscles and bigger range of motion. This practise is geared for seniors and anyone else with either permanent or temporary mobility restrictions.


See the calendar below for current classes or contact me to arrange a private session.


Six years ago I won a yoga lesson with Karen Weinthal. Then 80 years old, I was quickly hooked by learning how to breathe. Till then I just inhaled and exhaled without a thought. At first I did everything — on the mat, in a chair or standing — but reality has forced me to give up lying down (except in my bed). I recommend anything that keeps us moving. And doing that with Karen’s help is a delight.
— Glady Rose