Yoga with Baby

For the New Mother: It took nine months to grow a baby and at least nine months for a return to “normal” (whatever that is!). Exercising from 6 weeks after delivery helps alleviate postpartum discomforts like backache, stiff joints, and upper body and wrist strain. It reduces depression, anxiety and moodiness. Relaxation helps manage effects of sleep deprivation and increase contentment. The practice in this class focuses on stretching, joint rotation, muscle toning and strategies to calm  the busy mind. It is also a great way to get out and socialize.

For the Baby: Holding, stroking, touching and movement results in powerful multisensory stimulation. It helps in the development of the brain and nervous system. In Baby Yoga the goal is to enhance the baby’s pleasurable sensations using the voice by talking, chanting, singing, using eye contact and movement. Geared for moms with babies from 6 weeks to crawling.


See the calendar below for current classes or contact me to arrange a private session.


Karen’s yoga classes are so relaxing and restorative. Attending her classes throughout my pregnancy helped me to manage the aches and pains, contributed to a fast and easy natural birth, and enabled me to recover quickly afterwards. At my first class back after my baby was born, every bone in my body cracked, every muscle in my body worked, and every organ in my body got squished. I feel as good after Karen’s yoga class as I do after a day at the spa. I’ve been to a lot of yoga classes over the years, and Karen’s are truly special.
— Rebecca Ormand