Summer Gentle Yoga Home Practice

Summer 2017 Home Practice Suggestions

This can take 10-30 minutes. You can shorten or lengthen it to fit the time available. You can select ‘sections’ of the practice to make each yoga practice what you want it to be, each time.  You can also just lie on your mat and breathe.

First just find a place in your home to lay out your mat and leave it there. You may find it entices you to lie down on it now and then, and then . . .See what happens.

1.    Knees bent and feet on the mat, move your body to the breath, tilting on exhale and gently arching the back on inhale – undulatating pelvic tilts.  You might add rasing and lowering the arms. You might add lifting the upper body and head to look between the knees on the exhalations

2.    Hips. Bring one bent knee towards the shoulder and draw it close,  to open SI joint. Circle the leg in its socket. Draw it across to opposite side for cross twist.  Stretch leg to ceiling and flex the foot to stretch back of the leg. Lower straight leg down and repeat on other leg.

3.    Seated stretches: Raise and lower arms with the breath. Add a side stretch. Add a gentle twist: one hand on opposite thigh and twist towards it.

4. Table: cat/cow, hip swings, ½ plank to open child’s pose. Move your spine all around.

5.   Back bend: from a ½ plank (knees on the mat and hips low) roll onto the belly and lift upper body to baby cobra.

7.     Standing: slow ½ Sun Salutations. Raise arms over head, lift chest for small back bend, forward bend, stretch back and hamstrings, forward bend, rise.

8.    Supine (lying on the back): full body stretch. Bridge.