"Working with Karen changed my life. I went from barely being able to move because of fibromyalgia to increased strength, balance and stamina. Karen really understands the toll that chronic illness takes and she is an ideal person to work with if you have been reluctant or unable to exercise."

— Sheryl Nestel


Six years ago I "won" a yoga lesson with Karen Weinthal. Then 80 years old, I was quickly hooked by learning how to breathe. Till then I just inhaled and exhaled without a thought. At first I did everything — on the mat, in a chair or standing — but reality has forced me to give up lying down (except in my bed). I recommend anything that keeps us moving. And doing that with Karen's help is a delight.

Glady Rose


Karen's yoga classes are so relaxing and restorative. Attending her classes throughout my pregnancy helped me to manage the aches and pains, contributed to a fast and easy natural birth, and enabled me to recover quickly afterwards. 

At my first class back after my baby was born very bone in my body cracked, every muscle in my body worked, every organ in my body got squished. I feel as good after Karen's yoga class as I do after a day at the spa. I've been to a lot of yoga classes over the years and Karen's are truly special.

Rebecca Ormand

When I was 20 I was in a horrible accident and shattered many bones in my body and became wheelchair dependent. Before the accident I did a lot of cardio.  Since I’ve been wheelchair bound I’ve looked for other ways to stay in shape.  Someone suggested yoga and I went through several teachers before I found Karen. In theory it’s a yoga class and we do poses, breathing, and other yoga things but we also do all kinds of exercising, including weights and a bike. It fits my needs. Now I’m even getting better at walking again. Of course my favourite pose is savasana!

Name withheld, age 24